Monday, July 23, 2012

Hardanger Revisited

Hmmm.  Apparently my Hardanger skills are very very rusty.  I have stared at my patterns and supplies for the past couple of evenings, without getting started.  Hardanger patterns are intimidating to me and I had even forgotten where to start.  Luckily, Nordic Needle comes to the rescue with their tutorials.  They have a great resource web page that helps with a variety of stitches and has a whole section devoted to Hardanger 101-301.  You can access this nifty resource here: 

Now I have to work up the courage to just get started.  In many ways I have found that Hardanger actually goes a lot faster than cross stitch and it is oh, so elegant.  I love to look at photographs of it.

It has been so nice going to bed really early.  I was faced with the choice of watching Hillbilly Handfishin' tonight though.  It has not been on for a while.  That show has a way of just holding my attention and I just can not figure out why.  Luckily, my book was calling to me and a certain little dog was ready to be tucked in.   I made the decision to skip TV and rest instead.  I love this time of evening when everything is quiet.  Liesl's bed is right next to mine and I love to look over at her peacefully sleeping.   

Liesl has given me something to ponder lately.  I have to wonder why if I put a bowl of kibble out for her to eat, she will ignore it all day.  However, if I put her kibble in her puzzle/treat ball, it is the best stuff ever and she will eat every last bite.  Lately, I have been just been putting her breakfast in the treat ball because I know it will be devoured.  She is a character...

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