Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Well, apparently where I live fireworks are legal.  I can say this because for the past two hours straight there has been banging, popping, and rat-a-tatting going non stop. It has been so loud and there has not been a lapse in the action at all.  While this has given me a bit of a banging headache, it had scared the heck out of a certain small dog for a while.  I have been going to bed pretty early, so I took my book and headed for the bedroom at the back of the house around 8pm.  I figured it might be a bit quieter for Liesl there, even though fireworks were going off all around the house.  Liesl decided that the best place to be was going to be under the covers right up against her momma, even though it is 75 degrees in the house.  I have shared in the past that snuggling is not really Liesl's thing, so I was happy for the blessing of the cuddles.  It was short lived, as Liesl got used to the noise kind of quickly and decided to go lay on the cool hardwood floor instead.  I treasure the few minutes that I had though.

I have thought a lot about blessings lately.  I have been blessed with really good medical care lately and the support of my friends and family.  I feel blessed when I get to feel the sunshine on me.  I feel blessed when Liesl gives me a kiss for no reason or when she makes me giggle with her silliness.  I feel blessed by my neighbor who has been checking on me.  There have been many blessings the past few weeks.  Mostly, I am grateful for God's comforting presence through out this experience.

At church it is figured that the Bible is read all the way through every three years, although it is done through readings and not done sequentially.  In the past, I also tended to open my Bible in hopes that I will be led to a passage of scripture that will be helpful at a particular time.  A few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to read it from beginning to end.  Every morning I sit with my cup of tea, and read the Word.   It has been a profound experience so far.  I absolutely loved Genesis and I am almost done with the book of Exodus.  I am filled with such peace as I read it this way, and I am so grateful for the role that faith has played in my life.  We are God's children and he has loved us every day since the beginning of time.  

So things are becoming more peaceful.  The banging is a little more sporadic, and is now being replaced with the sound of soft puppy snores and the clacking of computer keys.  My room is cozy and my eyes are getting droopy.  While the sounds of parties continue outside, inside the cozy cottage we are ready to say our prayers and dream happy dreams.  Hope you have happy dreams, too.

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MaryO said...

Great to hear from you. Wonderful post. We all are indeed in God's hands.

Hope you are feeling much better. Praying for you daily. Luv. MaryO