Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Evening With Liesl

This is Liesl's overly full toy box.  Yes, she is an only child. LOL  However, she does play with every single one of her toys, generally.  Now mind you that it is only overflowing with fun things to play with.  
However, the only toy in the world that she can possibly play with is, of course, under the chair... Let's try getting it this way....(Yes, the back half of her is standing.  LOL)
 Or this way...(Please note that her favorite toy is right next to her...)
Okay, I will just stare pitifully under the chair until Momma has sympathy and takes control of the situation...
Life with a schnauzer.  There is usually some form of drama involved.

(By the way, Liesl does wear a collar.  I take it off in the evening so that I can give her good neck scratches.  She seems to prefer sleeping without it.  )

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