Wednesday, August 1, 2012


As I have shared in the past, in general, Liesl is not a cuddly, sit in your lap kind of dog.  Schnauzers are a working breed and in general, it is just not her thing.  However, some days she can totally surprise me.  This evening I was sitting on the sofa, relaxing after a long day of doctor appointments.  For some reason out of the blue, Liesl came over, tucked her feet behind me and cuddled right up to me.  I rubbed her sweet head for a while and enjoyed the puppy warmth for a while.  Puppy warmth is one of the best feelings in the world and is up there with sleeping on freshly laundered sheets and walking barefoot on warm soft grass.  I wish I could experience puppy warmth more often but I accept Liesl as she is and treasure the special moments that she gives me.  I am sure she probably feels the same way about me.  

I am stitching away on my needlepoint piece.  I am having fun with it, although working with yarn instead of floss brings new kinds of challenges.  It tangles easily and leaves fuzz on some of the canvas.  I am kind of a neat freak about my stitching so this is kind of rocking my world.  I am hoping that the fuzz kind of wears off over time.  I think that the pillow top will be beautiful when I am done.  I have another needlepoint kit in my stash that I may have to stitch up after this one.  They do look very elegant.  They also cost the big bucks when I see them in stores.

I have come up with a great idea for something to craft out of stash that I already have.  Last week I was early to a doctor's appointment so I decided to look around in a nearby gift shop while I waited.  They had really cute blingy lanyards with a lobster clip on the end that I am assuming you can hang your keys or a badge.  They were very cute, but very pricey.  That was when I had two epiphanies!  The first epiphany was that I could hang a pair of embroidery scissors on the lobster clip, so that they would always be within reach. (and not somewhere in the sofa.  ouch!)  The second epiphany was that I have a drawer full of sparkly beads that I have collected with the intent of making jewelry.  The jewelry making to date has not materialized, but I thought I could make myself a really pretty scissor holder.  I also thought that I could add a ring to it so that when I am working around the house, I could keep a pair of reading glasses on the ring instead of the scissors.  Hopefully, I will go through my beads some time this week.  I will take pictures if and when I get it put together.

Well, off to dream about puppy cuddles.  That was sure a wonderful gift today...

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