Friday, August 24, 2012

Work In Progress

I am making progress on my needlepoint piece.  I have the background complete on the right side now and actually got to stitch on that lone cherry there on the table.  It was kind of fun to work with red (my favorite color.)  I am reminded now that I am working on this piece that when I needlepoint it tends to distort the canvas, as you can see in the lower corner.  I am sure that it will be better once I complete the piece and block it.  

It was cold and gray again all day today.  I am hoping that the weather will improve soon.  My tomatoes are having a really tough time because it has been too cold and there has been a lack of sun so the plants are dropping the fruit before it ripens.  It makes me sad to see a tomato laying there in the dirt.  

If it stays cold all weekend, I might just have to do a little baking just to warm up the house.  I found this really nice looking recipe for pumpkin dog biscuits on Pinterest.  The cookies are made with rice flower and pumpkin, so no corn or wheat.  I am sure they will smell awesome.  Pumpkin is good for dog tummies and it is quite tasty for them too.  If you search for "pumpkin dog biscuits" on Pinterest the link will come up (it is the one the photo of the fork piercing the cookies.)

I love Pinterest.  It is absolute eye candy for all of the things I like-crafts, cooking, decorating, pets, etc.  I think that some large companies saw Pinterest as the next big social networking thing for advertising a few months ago.  I felt like a place that was just fun to peruse became ruined with commercialization.  While I love the links to an Etsy store, which celebrates individual talent, the big advertising was bumming me out.  Fortunately, it appears that the big advertisers have moved on and it is once again, just a fun place to be where I can be inspired by others with similar interests.  There are such creative people out there, and it is really neat that they share their awesome ideas.

Well, I am off to say my prayers and go to sleep.  Tonight we all pray for the safety of all in the path of the hurricane.  

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