Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday, Liesl!

Liesl at four months old.  Her first trip to the beach!
It is hard to believe, but Saturday is Liesl's fifth birthday.  She was born on August 4, 2007 and the world has not been the same since.  LOL  She is such a bright spot in my life and is a very big dog in a very little outfit.  Because she is so special to me, we always celebrate her birthday.  She will get extra playtime tomorrow and lots of extra cuddles and belly rubs.  I will also make her favorite dinner which is chicken breast with brown rice and veggies.  She will probably get the smallest little scoop (like a tablespoon) of vanilla ice cream.  Liesl loves ice cream!  

I had to run to Target tonight for shampoo and they had these in the dog toy section:

It has a squeaky in it.  Tomorrow at this time, I can bet that the candle will have been removed.  Liesl is pretty good with her toys now that she is older, but I think that the candle hanging out there all by itself will probably be too much temptation.  Liesl loves toys.  She has an overflowing basket of them and she plays with every single one.  It is funny to watch her, because she will root around in the basket with her nose like she is looking for a specific item.  Every night I have to clean up a plethora of toys with a small dog following me looking panicky, like "What are you doing with that?  It's MINE!"  LOL

Speaking of mine, there is a card that I have seen online that says, "Mini Schnauzer Rules."  It says, "What is mine is mine.  What is yours is mine.  If I see something and I want it, it is mine.  If you have something and I want it, it is mine..."  I found this to be very true within the past couple of weeks.  About twenty years ago I made a large double wedding ring quilt.  It was my first quilt. (I know, I was crazy.)  I used a thick batting and have never used it.  I kept it stored all this time in a closet in a large bag that comforters come in.  A couple of weeks ago, I took it out to look at it and air it out.  I left it folded on the floor of my home office to air it out.  It no longer belongs to me.  It now belongs to Liesl, who has decided  that it is her new bed when she joins me in there.  Never mind that she has an almost new, never been used, actual dog bed in there.  The quilt is now hers.  She likes it so much that she often goes in there by herself to take naps on it.  

Off to say my prayers!


Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Liesl!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Liesl! I so enjoy reading your blog and stories about Liesl!. I have an almost 5 year old pom, Bailey, that is the love of my life also! My kids say I am unnaturally attached to her (in other words they are jealous of her!) so it is fun to know there is someone else out there that has a special friend also! I hope you two have a fun weekend!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday little Liesl!!

MaryO said...

Happy BDay to the worlds sweetest schnauzer! Luv. MaryO

Vicky said...

Happy Birthday Liesl from your furry friends in Australia :)