Thursday, August 23, 2012


It has been pretty cold and foggy here this week.  I actually had to kick the heat on for a couple of minutes the other night.  Brrr.  Tonight I have on a pair of warm, woolie socks that my daughter knit for me that I love.  She has knit me several pairs and they are some of my favorite treasures.  A knitting friend of mine told me a few years ago, "You must really be loved if someone will knit socks for you."  I take it that this means that they are a lot of work with a lot of yarn.  That is why I think of them as a hug.  

It was a good night to sit and stitch.  Liesl was sleepy and I have recently gotten hooked on the show "Arrested Development."   I have been watching the episodes in order on Netflix.  This show is so smart and funny.  Plus I love Will Arnett in pretty much anything.  He is so weirdly funny.  The cast is really amazing.  So I got to stitch and watch my show, cozied in with Liesl.  It was a perfect evening.

Speaking of Liesl, she just charms the heck out of me.  I have not been feeling particularly well this week.  She seems to know and comes and sleeps snuggled with me in the early morning hours.  (I think this is when I do my best sleeping!) I was talking with one of my doctors about it the other day and was saying that Liesl tends to know before I do when I am not feeling well.  The doctor said that dogs are highly sensitive to bio-chemical changes in those they love and can sense when we need comforting.  That makes total sense.  Dogs are so awesome.  

I have been very fortunate to have had some really amazing conversations about faith lately with several different people.  I love hearing about the profound difference that God has made in the lives of those around me, the miracles that He has performed and the strength that He has given to his children.  Faith is something that I feel very comfortable talking about.  What is always so beautiful to me is that once I let someone know that I am a person of faith, that they say, "Me, too!"   Generally, they will start to tell me their story of their faith journey and I always take it as a story that I am supposed to hear and learn from.  This has bound my immediate neighborhood, my friendships and some strong bonds in my church family.  It is almost like a familiar connection is formed on a deeper level when we share with each other the stories of the good that God has done in our lives.  I know that I have seen some amazing miracles in my lifetime that can only be his handiwork.  I count the bonds of love and friendship amongst these miracles.  He has given me some amazing friends and teachers.  For this I am so grateful. 

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