Sunday, August 26, 2012

Got A Little More Done

We finally got sunshine today for the first time in what feels like forever.  Yesterday was just gray and bleak and cold.  I did not get my dog cookies made, but I did get some stitching done.  I got those leaves stitched.  There are four shades of green in them.  Which is preparing me for all of the colors in the cherries.  Oy vey.  I feel like I made good progress though once I overcame the fear of all of the color transitions.

It was still pretty cold and gray when I woke up this morning.  It was so nice though because I woke up to a little gray furbaby snuggled up to me.  That has got to be one of the happiest feelings in the world.  It makes it really hard to get up though.  You start reassessing your schedule when you wake up with dog cuddles.  But I had to get to church so I had to disturb the little sleeping beauty.

I was so happy being in church today.  I so love going to church and being with so many people that I love.  It is such a blessing.  My church family is so loving and I learn so much from each of them.  I am fortunate that I get to walk through good times and bad with them.  

The day ended with my having a chat on the phone with a friend that I have not been able to talk to for a while.  She has been doing a lot of travelling and has had a lot of stuff going on.  We were discussing the fact that even when we have gaps of time in between conversations, that we always pick up so easily as though no time has passed at all.  We thought since you can't always do this with everyone that it must be the sign of a really good friendship.  

Someone told me a few months ago that there are really only a small number of people in the world who know how to be good and true friends.  I think that I have to agree with this statement.    (It is always so disappointing to find out when someone is not a true friend.)  However, I also believe that I got more than my fair share of true friends.  God has placed such amazing people in my life and so much love is truly a gift.  And the cool thing is how that gift grows, matures and flourishes.  

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