Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Oh, The Agony...

It is an interesting phenomenon that we do not remember the depth and intensity of pain.  This can be said of not remembering how painful labor is once we have that sweet little child in our arms.  This can also be said of my annual trek to the purgatory that is the local Walmart.  I swear, every time I leave there I tell myself, never again.   It is absolutely chaos and not an enjoyable shopping experience.  There were a couple of specific items that I needed to get there so I developed a plan.

Now I will also add to this that last week, my doctor added a new medication for me.  I started it this weekend and have had the worst insomnia ever since.  For the past three nights I have not fallen asleep before two or three.  I have tried everything to alleviate this, even medicine that normally helps me sleep.  It has been awful.  After the lack of sleep all of this week, I woke up feeling really sick this morning.  What is interesting is that Liesl knows before I know when I am not feeling well.  I knew it this morning because she got unto the bed and snuggled up to my tummy early this morning.  Liesl does not do this unless she is cold, not feeling well or if I am not feeling well.  It was definitely not cold so she was there to provide comfort.   I wonder how she knows what she knows.

Tonight I thought I would do something out of the ordinary instead of just following my routine.  I thought I might trick myself into being extra tired. I needed something from Walmart and since it takes a special kind of crazy to go there during the day, I decided that I would go to Walmart after 8 pm.  I figured that school is back in session, and by 8:30 pm I should have the place to myself.  I can not tell you how wrong I was.  Whole families with school aged children were doing their grocery shopping at 9pm. It was loud, chaotic, and I found myself questioning my own sanity for going there.  Of course, with the store full there was only one check out stand open.  I found myself screaming inside my head.   I will say that when I got up there the nice young man at the register was absolutely kind and helpful.  I was so happy to smell the sweet fresh air of freedom when I got out of there.

The bonus to all of this is that Walmart carries Liesl's favorite toy ever.  It is a Hartz duck that quacks. They are $4.97.  She has had several over the years that gradually have their wings and feet removed.  She loves these ducks so much.  Tonight when I took it out of the bag she was so beyond excited.  She loves to make it quack.  When she was younger she would line it up with the side of the sofa on the floor.  Then she would jump from the sofa onto the duck so that it would go QUUUUUAAAAAACCCCCKKKKK!  LOL.  She is so elated about this duck that she did something she never does.  She brought the duck to sleep with her on her bed.  Many times she prefers to begin her slumber on the hardwood floor because it is cooler.  When she moved from her bed onto the floor she brought the duck with her and has her nose against it as you can see from the photo.  

See I am already starting to forget the pain of going to Walmart...but it will be a long time before I go again.  Oy vey!


Jeanne said...

yeah Walmart can make me crazy too...hubby and I try to go when it's not busy or full of kids running down the aisles LOL.

Our little dog Abby has a yellow quacking duck she loves....she's on her 3rd one and I bought 3 more as 'spares' since I can only find them at Petco. Funny how they get so attached to one toy.

I hope your insomnia is soon over. It's maddening when you are so tired but cannot drop off to sleep.

Kristen McIntyre said...

Sad to hear what you've goin' through. there was a time its hard for me to fall asleep. After 2 hours laying and close eyes that's the time I fall asleep.
That's the good thing about our pets.They feel the pain we bear and they knew if we struggle.Like our pitbull,when my granny died.The day we brought her in the cemetery, she dried aloud like a human.She feels so sad for a couple of days.
I do believe that pets is our best friend.