Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Perfect Sunday

Well, today turned out to be lovely.  Yesterday was just so cold and gray.  Liesl was not even feeling it when when we took our walk at the lake.  Her little beard was just blowing all over the place and she looked at me like "Do we really have to do this?"  She was super happy when it was cuddle time on the park bench.  I was happy for the puppy warmth. It was so cold last night that I had to even put the heat on a couple of times and went to bed in a sweater and warm, cozy socks.  Brr.  

Today was nice and warm though.  The sun was out.  After church, Liesl and I took a walk around Carmel.  Normally she loves downtown Carmel, but it is so crowded with tourists right now. All of those legs must look scary and confusing when you are only a foot tall.  We ended up taking a road less traveled and got to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Carmel.  

So I have a funny Liesl story.  Schnauzers are very territorial and do not like to share their stuff.  When she was a puppy, she would get upset when I was putting her toys away.  She would try to grab the toys with an attitude that said, "But that's MINE."  LOL  Now she actually helps me put her toys in the toybasket.  It is pretty cute.  Anyway, the thing she does not like to share now is her bed in the living room.  It is filled with that bean bad type filling and she does not like it.  She will not sleep on it because she does not like the sound.  This does not mean that she will let me use it though.  When we are playing I will lay my head on it and say, "Oh, poor sleepy momma..."  This will usually bring her running and she will try to pull it away or find a way to move me along.  Last night though she came running and just put her nose on my cheek.  And kept it there.  For a really long time.  It was freaky.  Now number one, her nose is cold.  Number two, her nose is wet.  Number three, she was staring at me.  It was unnerving.  So I just started laughing.  She knew exactly what she was doing and thought she was hilarious.  

So I did it again.  I laid down on her bed and she came running.  This time she stuck her nose onto my nose and just stared me in the eye.  Okay, now she is just playing head games with me.  She thought it was funny and I just could not stop laughing at smart it was.  I do not think I will be laying on that bed any time soon.  And I will be sleeping with one eye open.  LOL

So tonight was nice.  I stitched while catching up on my episodes of Real Housewives of NJ.  I do love me some trashy TV.  RHONJ is right up there at the top of my list.  There are not many people I can admit this to in person, because they just look at me like I have a geranium growing out of my forehead.  Yes, there is really good quality programming on TV and believe me I do love PBS and any number of documentaries on history, but there is something about RHONJ, RHOBH, Duck Dynasty, etc., that is just entertaining.  So I am all caught up and made progress on my stitching.

So now the furgirl is all tucked in.  She has had her night-night cookie.  The house is quiet and I am preparing  mentally for work tomorrow.  I am grateful for the weekend.  I am grateful that it has been both cozy and fun.  I am grateful that I had enough to eat, a good book to read, and lots of doggie hugs.  Life is so beautiful.

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Gloria said...

Wish you could send some of that cold air to Texas.
Thanks for the funny Liesl story. I'm always amazed at how smart she is.