Friday, July 5, 2013


Oh my gosh, it is cold again.  I actually had to kick on the heat this evening and put on a sweatshirt.  It is funny because yesterday was really hot.  I have a feeling I will be wearing sweaters all weekend.  

Today was a super day at work.  We got to wear jeans again.  Plus, since it was a skeleton crew today with everyone off for the holiday, they brought in lunch again for us.  We had pizza from the fancy place in town.  This pizza is a bit on the expensive side but is so delicious.  We also had caesar salad and cheesy bread.  It was such a great lunch.  It was also nice to sit and eat with my colleagues and get to know them a little better.  I work with really, really nice & super smart people.  I am so grateful to have my job.  I know a lot of people have it really tough out there, and I thank God every day that I have my job.  

I ended up having a wonderful and quiet 4th of July.  I took Liesl to get her nails trimmed.  I was surprised that the mall was open on the holiday, but they made my appointment for that day.  The mall was packed!  When I take Liesl in to get her nails cut, I also pay extra to have them clean up the pads and trim her fur around her feet since she does not especially like it when I do it.  The young lady who did the work said that while she was at it she trimmed her legs and took out a couple of small mats that were starting under her puppy arms.  I thought that it was really thoughtful of her.  I groom Liesl in stages.  One day I will use the clippers to shave her back and head.  Another day I will trim her face.  Another I will trim her skirt and legs. I do it this way because Liesl has a limit on her patience.  I do not want to put either of us through it when she starts losing that patience.  So I do it in small stages over a month's time.  

I started a project yesterday.  I am doing an overhaul of my craft room.  I did a good cleaning of it and decided that it is time to purge some stuff.  Again, I am doing it in stages.  Tomorrow I am going to go through the closet in there which I use for overflow.  It is time to get rid of the dresses that I have not worn in 20 years.  Then I will have to go through some books and some old craft supplies that may not be good anymore.  I figure that by getting rid of some of this stuff I can help someone else and also make a space for more good things to come into my life.  I am thinking that I may sell some of my cross stitch stash, too.  There are just some things I will never stitch and I would like to see them go to a home where someone else may enjoy them more.  So stay tuned...

We made it through the evening of the 4th of July.  Fireworks are legal in my town.  Oh, my gosh, it was ridiculous how long they went on and how loud they were.  I know that fireworks can be terrifying for dogs, so I refuse to let Liesl be home by herself in the evening of the 4th of July.  She did pretty well.  In general, she is a very secure and mellow little dog.  She sleeps through thunder storms and general fireworks throughout the year.  Last night though, we were inundated.  It started around 8:30 pm.  When it started, she did not pay it any attention.  But then it was unrelenting.  She got up on the sofa, plastered herself to my leg, and tucked her rear legs behind me.  I just kept my hand on her and told her it would be okay.  She tried to go to sleep.

Around 9, I saw that my neighbors across the street had moved their big party outside.  I figured this would be a good time to vacate my living room at the front of the house.  I made sure the windows were closed and went into my bedroom at the back of the house.  Liesl is pretty independent and usually likes to sleep in her own bed.  She was altogether too happy to lie down on my bed with me.  I just kept my hand on her back while I read my book.  She seemed okay with this.  We both were asleep by 10 pm despite the noise.  Then we were both awakened at 12:30 am by the booms from fireworks that were shaking the house.  It was rough on those of us who had to work today.  

So tonight I really appreciate the quiet.  Guess I will go to sleep so that I can work on my clean and purge of my craftroom tomorrow.

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