Thursday, July 11, 2013

It Has Been A Week...

It has been a trying week.  For the past several nights Liesl has been having some sort of allergic reaction that has had her so miserable that we both were only getting a couple of hours of sleep a night.  The Benadryl was not working.  I was going into work a total wreck.  Yesterday, I realized that it may be the special food that the vet had put her on.  The second ingredient is corn grits.  I have always avoided corn in her diet.  She was so uncomfortable that I decided I was going to cook her dinner in order to give her a clearer food and with hold the specialty food for a few days.  I made her the favorite dinner of chicken breast, rice and broccoli.  She still did not sleep well, but I felt like I had done the right thing.  

This morning I emailed her internal specialist to let him know what I was doing and to ask his guidance.  She has an appointment with him next week and he is going to be running some additional tests. (I am praying that she passed those nasty little stones.)  I told him how uncomfortable she is and how I was concerned that she was not getting restful sleep.  He said that the symptoms could also be related to hayfever, but said that we had three options for Liesl's diet.  He said that we could continue the food she is on, I could cook her food, or we could try another good food which might have the same effect as the first option.  I told him that I would rather cook for her and would use any foods that he suggests.  I also said that I think that there are tremendous health benefits from food cooked with love.  He said that he agrees.  He said that the home cooking may not be the best solution long term but we should see if she was feeling better by next week with me cooking her food.  I feel grateful for the opportunity and that I have been given a great privilege.  I am already thinking about how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into her meals.

So tonight I came home and cooked her chicken, rice and broccoli.  She was so happy.  She was giving me kisses, doing schnauzer spin turns, chasing her toys, etc.  She is still a little itchy but not as bad.  I do not know if it is due to a lack of an allergen or just because she is so darn happy to have her favorite dinner.  She was so smiley and happy.  It makes my heart happy to see her like this after seeing her so miserable.

So here is a continuation of my game of laying on her bed.  Remember how the other day she just planted her nose on my cheek?  So the other night I laid my head on her doggie bed, and said, "Oh, poor sleepy mama..."  This time she came over and put her stuffed toy lamb on my head and left it there.  LOL  She is so darn funny.  I am not sure how she got such a sophisticated sense of humor.  I am waiting a few days to see what she comes up with next.  She is a total character.

So I am hoping for rest this weekend.  I think we both need it.  


Patti said...

Patti, I am so sorry about Liesl being so miserable. I can't remember if I told you that years ago, my Reggie had a bout of Pancreatitis and the vet put him on a prescription low-fat dog food. Within about 2 weeks Reggie was miserable, licking and biting his paws all night long. I was desperate to find out what was causing him to be so muserable (vet thought it was my grass, which made no sense to me since it never bothered him before). I did some research and discovered that schnauzers are allergic to corn, which was the first ingredient listed in the prescription dog food. I weaned Reggie off that food and he has been eating Blue Buffalo ever since. It is higher in fat than the prescription food is, but he has never had Pancreatitis again.
I hope Liesl feels better soon and good luck with the vet visit next week.

Laura said...

Hi Patti & Liesl,

I am so very sorry to hear about Liesl still having allergy problems. I hope her dietary needs get adjusted o.k. and that you both have a more restful weekend - sounds like it is very much needed!