Friday, July 19, 2013


It never fails to amaze me how really cold it can be here on the Monterey Peninsula in July.  Tonight was just so cold.  I had on a down vest when we went walking tonight.  When we got home, I had to put on the heat for a while.  If only it had been raining, then it would have been a perfect cozy night for stitching.  It will be very nice here in the next month or so.  It is always gorgeous here in September and October when we finally get our summer.   

I was finally able to get my huge project completed at work today.  I felt really good about it.  My boss said that I did a phenomenal job on it, which really made me feel good.  I worked really hard on it and actually did not sleep a couple of nights ago because I kept waking up from dreams about it.  I also kept dreaming that I was having meetings about the project.  I put a lot of pressure on myself professionally, and I just wanted to do a really good job.  Hopefully now I can put life a bit more in balance.  I need to balance with more creative pursuits.  

I am wondering how long this cold spell will last.  It was so cold last night that I felt puppy arms land on the bed, which indicated that someone furry wanted up on the bed.  This is so not the time of year that she usually wants to sleep on the bed.  However, it was cold so she wanted to snuggle.  This was such a treat.  In general, she likes to sleep on her own bed.  Last night was one of those rare treats that are out of the ordinary.  She snuggled up to my side.  I was so grateful for the unexpected gift.  I sleep really well with doggie cuddles.

Speaking of my cute doggie, I would be so grateful if you would include her in your prayers tonight and tomorrow.  She has to go in for her follow up appointment with the internal specialist.  I am praying that her little stones have passed, so that we do not have to take drastic measures.  I am also praying the doctor finds that her liver is still what he thinks it is (fatty liver) and that it is still doing its job.  He is running another test.  I just want to know that she is okay and that she will be with me a long time.  As you can tell, I just love her.  She is so special to me and I am so grateful for her and all of the fun adventures we have together.  So if you can ask for her good health in your prayers we would be so grateful.

Well, I am going to try to not worry and go to sleep.  I pray that you have a happy Saturday and that you enjoy and abundance of blessings.


Suzanne said...

Lots of puppy prayers for you!

Gloria said...

I glad your big project is complete and you were complimented on your work.

I'm praying that all is well with Liesl.

rosek1870 said...

So very glad things seem to be going in the right direction. Just remember follow your gut and take things one day at a time.
Hugs & Prayers