Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is It Wednesday Already?!

Whoo boy!  It has been a really busy week at work.  I am working on a huge project and I come home tired.  I have been going to bed around 8 pm because I am just too tired to sit up.  Tonight we did not even go for a walk.  I felt like a bad puppy momma but figured that I needed to just come home and stare at the news.  I figured that I would just make it up to Liesl by playing on the floor with her a little longer than usual. She was still happy.  She is all about getting attention from her momma.

So we have a new installment of the "Poor Sleepy Momma" game where I lay my head on the bed that she does not ever want to use, but does not want me using it either.  Last night, I started laying down on the floor, saying the usual, "Poor sleepy momma."  As I was laying my head down suddenly in midair I was nose to schnauzer nose.  She met me on the way down, as though to say, "Don't even try it."  I had to laugh.  

So instead I sat up and got her toy lamb, Lambchop (yes, it looks exactly like Sherri Lewis' Lambchop. )  Lambchop is her favorite toy right now.  She has even slept with Lambchop, which is generally not her thing.  So I put Lambchop on her bed and said," Nite-nite, Lambchop."  She thought this was most excellent and got her Ladybug, and put Ladybug on the bed next to Lampchop.  I wondered if she knew how clever that was, so I thought I would see if she would do it again.  So I put Squirrel on the bed, too.  She ran over to all of her stuffed toys and performed a search using criteria that only she understands and came back with Bunny, who she put on the bed.  I got her duck and added it to the growing pile.  She added her blue octopus, then decided she was bored and walked away fake sneezing.  Yes, as part of the dramatic repertoire, Liesl fake sneezes.  

Speaking of being bored.   I am getting bored again with Lady of the Thread.  There are so many color changes that it is no fun and I put off pulling out my stitching until I can barely keep my eyes open,  I may have to do an M designs initial or something like that that is monochromatic.  I think it would be good to do until I get full on stitching mojo back.  In fact, now that I have written it, I think I will get my patterns out and see what would be a good project to do.

Well, it is 9 pm and I feel like such a party animal staying up all kinds of late.  I guess I had better get some shut eye as tomorrow there will be other accounting dragons for me to slay with my trusty Excel program and ten key.  I totally wish the old green visors were still in accounting vogue.  Guess I will just have to go with the Calvin Klein black business suit as my armor.

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