Thursday, November 6, 2008


I love the blogospere! I really do. I think it is so much fun to post, especially when I am able to post pictures. It is amazing to me, who grew up in the age of the black and white television that you had to warm up. As a teenager it was cool if you had a radio that had both AM and FM. Now here we are in an age where you can hold a computer on your lap or the palm of your hand. A little ol' cross stitcher like me can post a photograph on a daily web site on the internet without needing help of a computer tech. It really does amaze me sometimes how much technology has changed in my lifetime.

Anyway, I love to read blogs. It seems like I find really good ones all of the time. There are some really creative bloggers out there. The blogs on my blog roll are the ones I check pretty much everyday. Some of my very favorites are Crockpot 365, Cakewrecks (very funny!) and The World's Largest Collection of Smalls. These are the ones that I check first thing in the morning every day when I have my coffee.

I am making progress on my doily. I hope to post a picture this weekend. I am coming into the home stretch with my classes so I have not been able to stitch on it a much as I would like. I am stitching in my car at lunchtime, which is very nice and peaceful. I am thinking that I will need to come up with a nice set up, maybe with one of those tabletop caddies for my car after the holidays. I will also need some sort of ort jar that fits in a cup holder. :)

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