Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, Little Miss Liesl did well at the office today. She was a little growly for some of her meet and greets. She just had so many people to meet and I think she might have been overly tired by the day. Everyone was so nice to her. The head of the company even came down to give her a cookie and was impressed with how polite and gently she accepted. Due to some scheduling stuff with my hubby, she will be with me the rest of the week. She did find my toy stash that I had for her. It was mentioned by more than one person that she might be a bit spoiled. I was shocked. LOL

I appreciate the kind words about her posted here. We are so blessed to have her around. She is a really comedian and makes us laugh. At the same time, she is just so easy to have around. We lucked out.

Here is a picture of her since she went to the groomers yesterday. Having the shoes nearby really gives an idea of how small she is (16 lbs.)

I am not sure I will get to stitch tonight. But will definitely stitch this weekend!


Suzanne said...

She IS small! But you know, great things come in small packages! LOL


Carolyn said...

Well now doesn't she look adorable with her new "do"! She is just the cutest thing. I can guarantee you I would be spoiling her to death if she were mine. Scratch her behind the ears for me. :)

Carolyn :)