Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

First of all, a very respectful thank you who have served our country. A very big welcome back goes to my 20 year old nephew, Donovan, who recently returned from overseas while serving in the Army. We are so proud of you.

Things were kind of crazy today. I had the day off from my new job, so it was a day to try to catch up on a bunch of things. My Liesl had to go to the groomer, and I had several dog related items to pick up at Target. My job is a dog friendly workplace, and she is joining me for the first time tomorrow. So she needed toys and treats to keep her busy while I am doing my job. We get to take a nice long walk at lunch time, which I am really looking forward to. She usually goes to work with her daddy, so she is used to being around an office.

Back to stitching-I plan on stitching as soon as I finish this posting. I have my stuff next to me, ready to go. Whoohoo! Here is a picture of my progress so far:
It is a really fun stitch. I still have to do all of the hardanger finish all around it so that it finishes into a doily. The strawberry shaped items are in queen stitch. The camera also picked up the glimmer of the gold thread used around the border. It is much prettier in person than it appears in the photo.

I think I need to share what was going on to the side of the table as I was trying to take the above photo:

The object that she was trying to reach while I was distracted, was a toy that I had taken away because she was not being nice to it. She has since gotten it back and is happy again. She is such a sweet little furgirl. I am so glad that I was blessed with her little furry and sassy self.


Suzanne said...

Liesl is so cute. She looks like she was ready to apologize to her toy and try to play nicely again.


Carolyn said...

Liesl is just adorable! I know you enjoy spoiling her to death. :)

I admire anyone who can do hardanger. I would love to try, but the "cutting" part just scares me to death. I look forward to seeing your progress. :)