Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Weekend Flew By!

It was a very stormy weekend here on the California Central Coast. It absolutely poured. What is funny about it is that yesterday when we took Liesl to the dog beach, I had said that the weather was perfect. It was warm and sunny, the sky was blue. There was not a rain cloud in sight. By the afternoon, it was a downpour. So it was a great evening for a fire. The sound of rain always makes me a bit sleepy so I think I was asleep by 9:30.

Today was a whirlwind. Of course, we had church first thing in the morning. Then home for lunch. I had so wanted to stitch, but I had a test for one of my classes. I realized that I really need to adjust my attitude for this class. I really am not enjoying it. In fact, I do not like it. The instructor only keeps the test open Friday through Sunday and is not always clear on the study guide. Having a test only on the weekend is rough when you have other responsibilities. On top of that the test is timed for 45 minutes so there is no time to re-check answers. I really need to find a way to like this class. I have 28 days to go until it is over.

I did get to stitch for about an hour tonight. It was lovely. I am almost done with the backstitched vine. Plus I got to put a few leaves on it. I think I will stitch in my car at lunch tomorrow. I will try to post a picture tomorrow night. It really is so pretty.

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