Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Must Be Losing It...

Oh my goodness, I was talking on the phone tonight with one of my girlfriends and she asked me if I was off for the holiday on Monday. I had totally forgotten that Monday is a holiday. I have three, count 'em, three whole days off! How could I forget?! I am so excited! I love going to work, but I am really grateful that I have some rest time in the near future.

Well, now with this new development I will have to revamp my plan. It looks like our rainstorm is going to hold off until Sunday, so I am planning big things for Saturday. Firstly, my friend and I are thinking of walking dogs by the water (if the waves are not too high. Storms usually = huge waves here and it is not safe.) Then I plan on going to the library and stocking up on some new books to read. I have had a gift certificate to the quilt store in Pacific Grove for about a year, so it may be time to use it on a small project. I always get inspired in that shop! I am thinking it is time to spend some time in my little office/craft room. I may do a little baking, too!

I have abandoned the Altoid tin for the time being until I can match up floss. Who knew there could be so many variations of ivory. So now I am stitching some nice Mary Engelbreit cards as some long overdue thank yous to some awesome friends who have been over the top kind to me in the past weeks. I am so fortunate for the friends that I have.

I am a bit tired tonight. Over the past three days, a couple of us from work have been taking small hikes with dogs at lunch. Liesl loves this time, and rests really well afterward. Today we were joined by two more work friends and their dogs. It was really wonderful. My head gets really clear with the fresh air and my heart pounding from the climb, plus we have such good, thought provoking conversations. I just keep thinking that I am so blessed to have the life that I do. I am really lucky!

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