Sunday, January 31, 2010


Well, here is the Mary Englebreit card that I am working on. If you squint and tilt your head, you may be able to see that it will say "Friend" on it. The photo on the pacakge of the finished product is rather darling, I must say. I am a bit surprised how long it is taking though. I originally thought I would be just whipping this out, but it does not appear that it was a realistic expectation.

It has been a rather hectic weekend, so I have really treasured my brief periods of dog cuddling, stitching and reading other blogs. There is such beautiful stitching out there and it just inspires me so much to see so many beautiful things. I had some time to look at the two smalls blogs and the freebie gallery. I could look at these blogs all day. I am thinking that when I have my little vacation, I may have to set aside some time to print out some of the freebie patterns and put them in a binder.

It is supposed to rain like crazy again this week here on the coast. We were fortunate to have a couple of days to dry out but it is supposed to be a heavy rain all week. This cuts into Liesie and my walking time. We walk about 40 minutes early every morning, but that walk is cut a bit short when it is pouring. (We are suger cubes and melt in the rain.) It is really a shame, because I really appreciate having that time alone with her before the day begins. Once I am able to meet the challenge of getting her out from under the blankets, she will just trot along on a walk. She looks so happy that it makes me happy.

The nice thing about the rain, is that it will be nice and cozy to be home and stitching in the evenings. I have noticed recently that Costco carries Starbucks hot cocoa mix. I love their hot cocoa and I am thinking that I may have to get some for my evening treat. Add a nice blanket, cute little dog, and my stitching, and it makes for a perfect evening.

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