Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ooh Blah Dee, Ooh Blah Dah...

Well, for such a small, simple project, this little Altoid tin is making me pull my hair out. I came home and made myself a quick dinner so I could get to my stitching. I sat down and realized I had to pull out more stitching than I had originally planned on. I pulled out my work and went to start stitching, whereupon my needle fell out of my hands and out of view. Immediately, I commenced my search. Having a needle lost is bad enough, having a needle lost when you have a small, curious dog, makes one a little frantic.

I found the needle, but then realized that the floss I needed was missing, probably attached to whatever I was wearing when I started this project. I finally found a couple of pieces and am hoping I have enough. Hence, the hair pulling. It was one thing after another...

Liesl slept through all of my stitching drama, although she was trying to get me to rub her tummy in the middle of it all. Who am I to deny her, when she does such a good job being such a wonderful little companion? She is such a little character. I am very fortunate. When she was much younger, she used to take off running with cloth or floss, whatever she could get. Now she basically ignores it when it is out. Of course, I store it without the needle parked in it, just in case.

I am still healing, so I have been getting tired pretty quickly. I am looking forward to the weekend so that I can rest. I may try another trip to the library, too.

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