Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Reprieve From The Rain!

I awoke this morning to see a big orange ball in the sky. It took me a moment to remember what having the sun out was like. It has stormed like crazy for a week now. I have a poor little dog who has had cabin fever. It looks like a long walk is on the agenda today. It looks like I may even get to wear sneakers instead of rain boots. It looks like it is going to start raining again tomorrow, so Liesl and I will be grateful and happy dancing for the sunshine today.

I have so many chores to do, but I think I will try to get as much done as I can this morning, so that we can enjoy the afternoon. I would really like to get into my craft room/office. I have not been going in there much, because I keep the door closed so that the heat will stay in the main rooms that I really use. So as a result, that room stays really cold. I would really like to sit at my desk and go through my patterns. I would really like to pull out my two years of Stoney Creek magazine to see just how hard that hummingbird trellis afghan just really might be. There is also a large blackwork sampler I would like to do. I really need to find a project that I love so I can focus on it.

Enjoy your day!


Marnie said...

Hey Patti! I saw the same orange fireball the other day! So exciting. Hope you find your inspiration.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Enjoy your day!!
It is a good feeling to rummage
through things and organize them.

:) Becky