Thursday, February 16, 2012

Almost There...

Just eight more hours of work (okay, maybe nine or ten) stand between me and vacation.  I am a bit tired from trying to get prepared and leave my office in good shape for my absence.  In fact, last night I fell asleep in the middle of writing a post for this very blog.  I am really, really tired.  However, I am about to face nine, count 'em nine days of sleeping in cuddled up to a small happy dog.

I am looking forward to nine days of bliss.  Of counting blessing and recognizing all of the beauty in my life.  I am looking so forward to time spent with family and friends.  I am looking forward to walks with Liesl on one of the world's most beautiful beaches.  I am looking forward to shopping for some pretty things for my house and for working on upgrading the beauty of my house.  I love this home and feel so grateful to have found it.  I can not think of a more perfect place for me.  It is so cozy and really comfy.  I love my house.

With Valentine's Day this week I have been thinking about all of the love in my life.  I have an amazing circle of friends with whom we often tell each other that we love one another.  Life is short and I appreciate knowing that I am loved and telling others how much I care about them.  I have my sweet little schnauzer who I adore and who lets me know daily that she loves me.  

Speaking of my little Liesl, I had to laugh this week.  Liesl does not watch television, ever.  Sometimes she will react if she hears a doorbell or bird on television.  But she does not look at it.  I had to laugh because earlier this week I was watching a rerun of last year's Westminster Dog Show.  Liesl was sitting in the most unlady-like fashion, glued to the show.  She cracked me up.  

Well, I am off to set my alarm for the last time for nine days.  I will check in and share any exciting vacation adventures.


April said...

Hope you have a great Vacation !!

Rita said...

Have a wonderful vacation!