Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day Two of Vacation-A Cozy Day

Today was lovely.  I slept in and decided to have a nice, quiet, cozy day.  It was so nice and peaceful.  I watched documentaries, stitched, and napped.  It was wonderful.  I watched a couple of documentaries on the Lincoln assassination while I stitched.  I had always thought that it was only JW Booth who killed Lincoln that night.  But apparently, there was a conspiracy and an attempt was made on the life of the Secretary State by another co-conspirator.  Also, in the plan was to kill Vice President Andrew Johnson but the last co-conspirator did not go through with it.    This is something that got left out of the story in my history classes.  A lot was going on that night.  It was fascinating.  

I took the loveliest nap this afternoon.  My neck was still aching a bit, but feels much better than yesterday. The nap seemed to help, too.  I am a big believer in naps.  Liesl thinks they are a great idea, too.  She is an expert.

I decided to do some light cleaning in the afternoon.  It felt good just to get my kitchen back in order. Unfortunately, I had been working such long hours that things kind of got away from me.  Now it is all sparkly clean.  My world feels better as long as my kitchen in clean.  It felt good to get some laundry done.  I am excited because I have clean sheets tonight.  Clean sheets are one of life's wonderful simple pleasures.  The light puttering around the house was fun.  

After having such a nice cozy day, I decided to make comfort food for dinner.  I made a cheesy beef macaroni dish, with chocolate pudding for dessert.  It was perfect.  I brushed Liesl for while and put a lot of kisses on her sweet head.  She loves to be hugged and kissed (as long as you do not try to put her on your lap.)  I tucked her in to bed and decided to stay up late stitching.  I got a lot done on my sampler.  

I really needed a quiet cozy day.  It was so nice to just be quiet today.  I feel like my batteries are getting recharged.

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