Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

Today was a really good day.  I went over to Home Depot today to buy my paint for my kitchen.  It was quiet in there and it was all of the professional contractors, designers, and craftsman there today. I went over to the paint counter and was helped by the nicest, most helpful young person.    He figured how much paint I would need based on my square footage, and what I should do about my ceiling.  While my paint was mixing he walked me over to where each of the supplies I was going to need were located.  I really need to write a letter to the Home Depot corporate office because every single time I walk into the local HD I have a positive experience from the greeter at the front to going through the check out. Every single person is cheerful, helpful, and nice.  Anyway, my bill was covered by two of my gift certificates from Christmas,  My mom just sent me another one for my birthday.  Thanks, Mom.  It just makes me happy to know that I have it in reserve.

I painted one of the more complicated walls today, just to see how it will look.  Oh my goodness, I love the color.  It is perfect.  It is so cheerful.  It is a warm, buttery gold.  I can't wait to hang pictures now!  Tomorrow my best friend is off work and she is coming over to help me paint.  She said that she is bringing sandwiches and yummies from Whole Foods so we can have lunch together first.  Then she ways that she is a master taper, which means that I will just get to paint.  I can't wait to have her over.  I think that there will be much laughter in store.  She has a great sense of humor and just cracks me up.

I was speaking with another really close friend on the phone tonight.  I really feel that my cup runneth over when it comes to really good friends.  My friend is just so wise and walks in faith.  She also tells it like it is, but in a really kind way.  Every time I speak with her, I feel like I am taking another step in my journey of faith and growth as a person.  It is funny because I will admit that my guilty pleasure is to watch shows like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New Jersey.  I see friendships there that have so much drama in them.  Also where the friends talk about each other behind each other's backs or say something hurtful on television to one of their friends.  These are obviously not genuine friendships.  There is no drama in my friendships.  When I hang up the phone I usually feel  even happier after I talk with a friend.  My friends and I would never think of saying anything hurtful behind each other's backs.  We are all part of a circle of friends and are always supportive, loyal and respectful of each other.  

Well, off to get my painting beauty sleep.


Leisha said...

It is great to have a friend like that! My mother always told me that you are lucky if you have one very true friend in your whole life! Can't wait to see pics of your makeovers! I am working on the Long Dog Sampler that is in your sidebar right now. Been working on it for a couple of years now but I have to put it away for a while every now and then when I get sick of it! lol Probably 3/4 finished now though and I can't wait to get done! Always enjoy reading your blog even though I don't always comment!

Rita said...

I hope the painting goes well.

I suspect that you're blessed with such good friends because you're such a good friend to them. Funny how that seems to work out. :-)

Rita said...

I hope the psinting goes well.

I suspect that you're blessed with such good friends because you're a good friend as well. Funny how that seems to work! :-)

Theresa said...

Sounds like a fun time!! Love seeing your stitching progrss and hearing about all the updates to your new home. Enjoy your vacation!