Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho, It's Off To Work I Go...

Well, vacation is over and it is back to work for me.  No more sleeping in, no more second cups of coffee, no more staying up as late as I want.  However, I have missed the cool people that I work with and Liesl misses all of her friends.  She has a pretty lively social life at my job.  She has loved being the center of her momma's attention and the whole sleeping in thing.  However, she likes to play puppy games.

I am thrilled with what I got accomplished during my little break.  I also have developed a little more of a schedule for getting upcoming projects done.  I went back to Lowe's yesterday to get more back splash tile.  I swear, Lowe's has everything.  They even carry curtains.  I found the very valance that I pictured in my mind for my office.  Awesome.  They also carried my ceiling medallion so I can put up my light fixture.  

Instead of giving something up for Lent, I decided to add things this year.  A promise that I have made myself is that everyday, no matter how tired or busy I am, I will do something artistic and creative.  Sometimes I am just too tired, but then I start to get out of balance.  I need to do something creative to feed my spirit everyday.  I also am adding additional devotional time.

I am extremely grateful to have a job that gives paid time off for vacation.  I appreciate the opportunity to recharge my batteries and refresh my outlook.  I think it is vital to take the time to rest so that you can go back with fresh ideas and a new outlook.  I also think it is critical to take the time to appreciate the reasons why I work.  I have renewed appreciation for home, family, friends, love and a small sassy dog.  Life is truly a beautiful thing.


Angela said...

I have been reading your blog for well over a year. I check each day to see what you and Liesl have been doing. You have an amazing love of life and I truely enjoy reading about your daily activities. Thank you for sharing your happiness and blessings!

Patti said...


Thank you so much for your very kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to check out life in my little corner of the world.

May you be blessed many times over!

Patti (and Liesl, too!)