Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rainy Day

Well, there was no rain whatsoever in the forecast.  However, we have something here called "AT&T Weather" which means that whenever the tournament with all of the big stars and golf pros is in town, the rain will fall.  There were little suns with smiley faces lined up in the weather forecast, yet last night it rained.  Today is just drizzly and cold.  Which is awesome.  Truly.  We needed a day to stay in and be cozy.  I am puttering and putting in my cabinet and drawer organizers that came in from Amazon this week.  I also have to put my paint samples up on the kitchen walls.  I have looked at Lowe's online and found several of the most perfect kitchen lights ever.  Since I am planning to make the hour drive to Gilroy anyway while I am on vacay anyway, I can pick one up when I am there.  Whoohoo!  Things are coming together.

Liesl has been snuggled into a blanket most of the morning.  She believes in the cozy Saturday and loves when I plan accordingly.  If I can work in neck scratches and belly rubs into her day, all the better.  Of course her nutritional demands for the day is "more cookies."

I am happy to be inside for the day.  I have my slippers and polar fleece leopard print jammies on.  (Grrr, baby! LOL)  I have a cup of coffee with pumpkin spice creamer in it, and I am about to pick up my stitching while I watch HGTV (always a bad idea, they put ideas into my head.) I have to work from home today so that I can leave my office under control for a week.  So it all works out!  I think I will put a nice dinner in the crockpot so that I can smell delicious smells all day.  

Well, a duck toy has just been shoved into my lap, so I guess I have to go entertain a certain schnauzer.  Have a happy day!

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