Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Perfect Day One of Vacation

Oh my goodness, the last couple of days of work were so busy.  Yesterday, I got up at 4:30 am and was at my office by 6:15.  I was constantly swamped and did not leave until 6:30 last night.  I was fried and just came home and went to bed.  I woke up this morning, and my neck was so stiff that I could not turn my head.  I felt generally unwell and almost wondered if I was having a heart attack.  Luckily, it passed, although my neck feels terrible.  I think I am just really exhausted.  Sorry to whine.   

I was glad that I felt better after a shower and cup of tea.  I had been looking forward to this day for about a month.  We had our knitting club at a huge mansion in Pebble Beach right on the Pacific Ocean.  One of our very cool members is a house manager for the mansion, which is 25,000 square feet and breathtaking.  She is allowed to entertain guests there when the house is not occupied. I had visited before but was so thrilled to be invited back.  After a tour, where I got some great decorating ideas, we had a ladies afternoon tea, complete with fancy cocktails, amazing finger sandwiches and lots of laughter.  It was a gorgeous day so we sat at a table over looking the Pacific Ocean.  It was amazing and we had so much fun.  

Below is a photo of Lone Cypress of Pebble Beach which is an icon.  It has stood on this ledge for over 250 years.  I took it after we left the home we were visiting.  It was on the drive home and in a spot for tourists to take a photo.

My contribution to the tea today was homemade white chocolate, apricot, walnut scones.  They are very soft and delicious.  I have had the recipe forever but have not made them in about 12 years.  I will have to make them again soon.  

My best friend also made red velvet cupcakes to share to celebrate my birthday this week, complete with candle.  She is coming over to help me paint this week for my birthday.  She rocks.

I was so forgetful and felt terrible.  Last year my daughter gave me a beautiful Longaberger basket with a gorgeous linen breadcover that she knit for me.  It is really special to me because I know she put a lot of time and care into it.  I had brought my scones in it and forgot it.  We got all the way back to Monterey before I remembered it and felt so panicky.  My daughter was a total sweetheart and drove with me all the way back to Pebble Beach to retrieve it.  The extra hour in the car with her was an additional blessing.  I was so happy for the extra time with her.  

When I finally got home, I switched on the TV and there were Tony and the boys of NASCAR in the first race of the season.  It was a totally exciting finish although I was terrified when I saw Jeff Gordon barrel roll about four times.  It was a day of perfect.  I can't believe it is already over. 


Cathy Pavlovich said...

I think I might have a photo somewhere of that tree or one like it from when we went on the 17 Mile Drive a couple of years ago. Just awesome. Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that vacations always seem to start off crazy. Glad to hear your feeling better and that you had a wonderful first day.

blessings, jilly