Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have managed to get a few stitches into my piece this week.  I still have so much more to stitch on it, as the piece is really large.  However, I feel really good about the progress that has been made.  I actually got to sit quietly this afternoon for a while, which was so nice and peaceful.

The day started a bit earlier than I had anticipated today.  Liesl decided to be a bit naughty by 8:30 this morning, because she wanted her day to start.  Figuring that it would be best to get her some exercise ( a tired dog is a good dog) and the day was already gorgeous, off we went to the beach.  She ran and ran, chased her ball, met other dogs and played in the surf.  She always looks so proud of herself when she gets more than her legs wet.  She seems to think that she is a Labrador and likes to chase them back into the surf.  Needless to say, she slept the rest of the day and her naughty antics were a thing of the past.

After the beach, I had to do two weeks worth of grocery shopping.  I did this because for one, I hate grocery shopping.  Also, because next week is the AT&T Pro Am (the old Crosby Clambake) and the population of the Monterey Peninsula basically doubles with all of the folks wanting to go.  This year Tiger Woods is playing so the crowds are even bigger.  We have really limited highways, so it usually results in total gridlock.  Most locals who do not attend the event know to get their supplies early and hunker down and not drive anywhere.  It is great for our local economy but it will be ca-razy here next week.  

When I got home, I came home to bad news.  My very sweet elderly neighbor came by because he said that he wanted to let me know that there would be more cars parked on the street than usual because his wife, to whom he had been married for 61 years, passed last night.  I feel so badly for him, but he said that she had been suffering in pain so badly lately. They have a rather large and very supportive extended family, so I am glad that he will not be alone.  I will take some food over tomorrow and told him that he and his family are in my prayers.  

Tomorrow after church, I plan a cooking day.  I need to make some dishes for the week ahead of time.  I am sure that the next two weeks will be crazy as I prepare for my vacation.  I already made yogurt today.  I love homemade yogurt.  I am thinking that I am also reducing my carbon footprint because I am using reusable yogurt cups.  Bonus!  

So now it is really quiet in the house.  Liesie is snuggled under her blanket.  The house is warm and cozy.  I love this part of the day, as I recall the blessings of the day.  This ultimately causes me to think of all of my blessings.  It is interesting to me that in these moments I think mostly about the people in my life.  I do not reflect on whether I have the newest fancy purse or shoes, or jewelry or things.  I think about the riches of love and friendship that are the true blessings.  They are the blessings that endure, grow and flourish.  Life is truly beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful- I absolutely adore this piece! Keep up the fantastic work.