Monday, February 6, 2012

A Perfect Cozy Evening At The Cozy Cottage

I have been looking forward to this evening all day.  I had a pretty good day at work.  Before I left for work, I threw dinner together in the crockpot.  I had three different containers of salsa, maybe a cup total, that I had to use up before they went bad.  So I threw that in with a couple of chicken breasts.  I found about a third of a package of low fat cream cheese, so I dumped that it with what was left over in a package of powder mix of ranch dressing.  That aroma hit me as I hit the front door.  Oh my goodness.  It was so delicious.  I made a burrito with fat free refried black beans and brown rice.  Now I get to look forward to leftovers tomorrow.  Yum!

I made dinner early because I was looking forward to my shows tonight.  I am hooked on The Voice.  Plus the reunion part II of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is on, too.  I figured I would cozy in while wearing sweats and stitch.  Liesl snuggled up to me for a while as a treat.  I shopped online for a kitchen chandelier for a while.  It was an evening that made me happy.  I do not get a lot of evenings like this so this was a total treat. I think I may top it off with a cup of hot cocoa.  Life is beautiful and sometimes I can not believe how much.

I was telling a friend at work today about how well Liesl did on her training this weekend and her new trick.  I also told her about the drama involved in the command "Speak."  She said that she had a schnauzer mix while she was growing up that did the same muttering and talking.  It is so funny when they are doing it.  They seem like curmudgeons, but they are such goofballs.  

I am off to make my hot cocoa and cuddle with my fur girl.

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