Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Really Good Day

It was supposed to be another cold, dreary day, but surprisingly when we woke up the sun was poking out.  We decided to get up slowly so I finished the book I was reading while I drank my coffee.  Liesl decided that she needed to nap herself awake.  It was nice to have the time to just relax.  

I was really happy because in the afternoon I got to stitch.  It seems like it has been way too long.  This is the last week of my online business class and a big group project was due today.  I have been going back and forth with my work partner with revisions, etc. all week and thankfully the project will be submitted tonight.  So I got to stitch and enjoy my time today.  

It was so beautiful today that Liesl and I finally got up to go to the park.  It was just a beautiful day.  We got to one of our favorite benches and just sat and relaxed.  I love having time like this where I am not watching the clock.  Beyond the lake pictured here, is a main street and then the Monterey Bay which feeds into the Pacific Ocean.  So we get to sit and smell the salt air, watch the water fowl swim, and the people paddle by.

Liesl is actually sitting up here.  Usually she likes to lay down and watch the lake.  She is doing what I call her happy ears.  They are all relaxed.  (No, I did not have them docked, she came to me like that.)  You can see those big Andy Rooney eyebrows over the top of her head.  LOL  Her beard is blowing in the breeze, too.  She loves this park and is like a little kid when it is time to leave.  By the time we got home from the park the clouds starting looking dark and ominous over Monterey Bay.  We are expecting rain tomorrow.   Liesl and I walk rain or shine, but most of the day will be spent inside relaxing.

So tonight I am watching a little television and stitching.  I have a new book to start so that may be on my fun list for the evening, too.  I am stitching on Lady of the Thread.  I am hoping to post photos this week.  

So tonight I am grateful for sunny, relaxing days and long walks in the park.  I am grateful for the cozy shelter from the rain.  I am grateful for the puppy kisses I got today.  I am grateful for stitching and reading time.  I am really grateful that I have one more day to enjoy it all.

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Laura said...

Hi Patti & Liesl!

Certainly sounds like you both had a lovely day indeed and the park photos are so inviting! I can see why you both enjoy yourselves there! I hope you have fun getting into stitching again and best of luck on completion of your class!