Friday, May 24, 2013

Ready For The Weekend

So far we are off to a great start to the weekend.  I came home, changed into comfy sweats and gathered up a certain zwerg schnauzer for a walk in the park.  She gets very excited now when I drive over to the little lake.  Tonight she just wanted to sniff and take her time.  I really wanted to slow down my own pace so I just followed where she wanted to sniff.  Liesl has a thing for park benches, too.  It is one of the few places she will sit on my lap (probably to keep warm.)  She picked one for us to sit on.

Whenever we sit on a bench, Liesl really nestles into me, and almost goes to sleep.  This evening was cold and windy, but there was just enough sun and it was directly on her back.  So we sat and relaxed without worrying about time.  We watched a family feeding the ducks and geese (which is really bad for them.)  Liesl was mesmerized but was so absolutely calm.  This is why she loves park benches (she does it at the beach, too.)  She just likes to sit, particularly near the water, and watch the goings on.  I have to wonder what goes on in that cute head.  When it just got to chilly to sit any longer, we headed for home.

I had a beautiful bonus show up in the home I bought.  I bought my home in October and did not find out until last May that during the summer, the earth's alignment is such that I can watch the beautiful sun set into the Pacific Ocean from my kitchen window.  Tonight I walked by just as it was sinking behind the waves.  It was so beautiful and breathtaking.  It is such a blessing.

I had totally planned on a DIY, work on the house weekend.  However, Liesl and I have had a pretty emotional week.  So I think we will relax and putter a bit.  I think we need a little time to smell the roses.  She is already doing her small soft doggie snores.  I am not far behind her.  It is cold and I am tucked into all of my blankets and my eyelids are heavy.  

I am feeling really grateful for so much as I head into this weekend.  For one, I have a job, particularly where I get paid for a holiday off.  I am grateful that Liesl's diagnosis was mostly good news.  I am grateful for walks in the park, sunsets, and being cozy.  I am grateful for working in an environment where my work is appreciated.  I am grateful for books, for cross stitching, and all of the fun things in my life.  I feel truly blessed.

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