Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Today was a very long day.  I was so looking forward to coming home and taking a walk with the furry one. We only had a couple tablespoons left of her favorite wet dog food (Wellness Chicken Stew.) Petco is the only place that sells it around here so off we went to the mall.  Petco is where Liesl gets her nails trimmed.  Despite the fact that the same nice young lady, who is a terrier mom herself, and who always cuts them is super nice to Liesl, she thinks this a traumatic experience. It takes ten minutes, and the nice young lady always keeps Liesl out of the kennel and with her until I pay my bill and pick her up.  So anytime, I drive anywhere near Petco, Liesl assumes the worst and starts trembling.  She is not down with going inside Petco to pick up her food, treats, a new toy, etc.  So she sat out in the car shaking while I went in to get her food.

After I got stocked up, I decided that we would take her walk around the mall.  Liesl was super excited about this development.  She LOVES the mall.  There are lots of people around, lots of good smells, etc.  She loves to stop in each doorway to the stores to see what is going on inside.  She especially loves the way the store with the leather shoes smells.  :)  So we walked around the whole mall.  She was super duper happy.  

So I got to walk around the mall, too.  Other than to go to Petco, I have not really been to the mall in years.  Liesl and I walked it about a month ago.  It was sort of fun to look in all of the windows.  

It was really nice to come home.  I was so happy to put my jammies on and sit on the sofa.  I got to play with Liesl for a while.  She was a little tired from her adventure, too.  But she perked up to play hide and seek.  She loves when I go hide around the house.  I put her in stay in the living room, then hide behind doors or large furniture.  She thinks this is the best game ever.  Sometimes she will hide, too, which is hilarious, because she thinks that if she can not see me, then I can not see her.  So she will hide behind things smaller than her.  Once when we went for a walk, she hid behind a pole that the speed limit sign goes on.  Her little face fit behind the pole, so she could not see me.  However, there were still four legs on either side of the pole showing.  Plus she was on a leash.  But she stood there perfectly still, until she came out with a huge grin that suggested that she thought she was hilarious.

Life with a schnauzer is never dull.  They have huge personalities, are always up for fun, and have great senses of humor.  As you can imagine, Liesl is so much fun.  I am glad I get to share her with you.

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Miss LindaLee said...

What a blessing these little fur babies are. I know we love our Riley, and he thinks we're pretty special as well.

LindaLee at
CrossN' My Stitches