Thursday, May 9, 2013


It has been a scary week around here.  Last weekend, Liesl had her annual check up and the vet detected a heart murmur.  She asked if Liesl had any symptoms like lethargy or coughing.  My brain started to try to remember any slight cough or abnormality, but there was nothing.  She is a perky, happy, energetic little dog diva. As the doctor was talking with me, I had to sit down and could barely breath.  I was terrified.  I think everyone here can probably tell how much I love this little dog.

I got home and just sobbed for the next two days.  I was so scared.  Several people, including some very nice stitchers have shared their success stories, advice and prayers.  I have several friends who have told me that this is fairly common and that their dogs have lived very healthy, very long lives with it. 

So Miss Liesl has an appointment with the cardiologist this month for an ultrasound and an EKG.  If you could include her in your prayers I would be so grateful.  

Liesl does need to lose a bit of weight.  The doctor says that this should help since the heart has to work harder with extra weight.  So I have made a commitment to Liesl that no matter how tired I am after work, we go for a walk every single day.  (This is in addition to her morning walk.) Sometimes it is a walk along the Pacific or around the neighborhood.  Tonight we walked at the outdoor mall.  Liesl likes to be out with the peeps.  I have really been enjoying our walks and find that it helps to reduce my work stress, too.  

The doctor has also advised no sodium in her diet.  So tonight I went to Petco and bought her the best organic treats I could find, with no salt.  People food is out due to high sodium content.  When I give her a cookie, she gets half instead of a whole one.  So far since Saturday, she has lost half of a pound.  She is a very healthy, happy little dog and is such a blessing to me.  

While we were at Petco tonight, Liesl picked out a new ball and a new toy with lots of squeakies in it.  She has about 30 toys, but alas, nothing to play with.  :)  She has been chasing the new toys, tossing them into the air, pouncing on them and bringing them to me to throw again.  Liesl lives in a state of bliss, and it is so much fun to play with her.  In addition to her toys, Liesl loves hide and seek.  She knows all of my hiding places but still likes to act surprised.  She also loves when I hide her toys around the house for her to find.

So as I walk in gratitude tonight, I am extremely grateful for extra walks with my sweet girl, for getting to play with her and her toys, for puppy kisses when I get home, and all the happiness that she brings into my life.  She makes me laugh, she back talks under her breath (it is a schnauzer thing) and she thinks that she is hilarious.  I just love her so much.


Miss LindaLee said...

Hi Patti. I think your little fur baby will be just fine. Especially with the new diet and all. What would we do without our fur babies?

Vicky said...

Hugs to both of you :)

Our blue heeler lived to nearly 16 and he had a heart murmur most of his life :)

MaryO said...

Hi Patti

I replied to your prayer request on the 123 website and just wanted to follow up and tell you I'm sending healthy prayers and good thoughts to you and your beloved furbaby. She'll be FINE... luv. MaryO

Cindy said...

Prayers for you and Liesl. The walks sound like fun.