Tuesday, May 21, 2013


For a few weeks now I have been contemplating making Liesl a little quilt of her own.  Liesl knows comfort and adopted mine.  Before the weather gets cold again, I have been thinking about a nice quilt with bones made out of squares and triangles.  There are lots of options on Google.

My coworker is a quilter, and I was telling her today about how Liesl has this appointment tomorrow with the cardiologist and how scared I am.  She suggested that I go over to the fabric store and get some polar fleece to make a blanket for Liesl.  She suggested that I could buttonhole stitch the edge. She said that it might be a good idea of something for me to do while I wait for Liesl to go through her tests.  She said it might make me feel better doing something extra nice for Liesl.  

It was such a great idea.  I went over on my lunch hour.  None of the polar fleece was Liesl's style, however.  LOL.  A lot of it was loud, and not very girlie.  I walked around and that was when I spotted the vintage style fabric above.  A couple of years ago, I saw this fabric and fell in love.  I did not buy it at the time.  I have been looking for it for the past two years whenever I go into another one of this particular company's stores.  I have been kicking myself for two years now.  If you look closely some of the little dogs even look like schnauzers.  Bonus.  I bought two yards of it and think I will use it as backing fabric for Liesl's quilt.

So as I mentioned, tomorrow is her tests.  I am so scared but trying to remember to walk in faith.  Liesl and I went for her walk in the park after work today.  It was very cold and windy.  I had never seen waves in the little lake before.  We were both cold and Liesl's beard was blowing every which way.  We decided to run or trot.  She was happy running.  Schnauzers are pure poetry when they run.  It is a beautiful thing.  As for me, poetry is not what comes to mind.  Maybe limericks, but poetry, not so much.  

Liesl was thinking that she might have to go deal with some ducks while we were there.  I had to pick her up and carry her, because in reality, they were big ol' mean Canadian geese and five of the seven were babies.    Yikes. It had disaster written all over it.  Not that I would have let her hassle a duck either.  But she can dream.  Messing with geese, would quickly become a nightmare.  

So I am going to try really hard to sleep tonight.  I have a feeling I will be up and praying for my sweet girl.  She is dreaming dreams of chasing squirrels.  Her little puppy feet are running in place while she sleeps.  She makes me smile.

If you could spare a prayer for Liesl tomorrow, I would so appreciate it.  You are probably already doing so, but big prayers going up tonight for the people of Oklahoma.  My heart just breaks for them.  I can not imagine what they have been through.  


Laura said...

Hi Patti & Liesl,

Both of you have been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be :) Love the fabric too :) Your walks together sound wonderful :)



Gloria said...

You and Liesl are in my thoughts and prayers today.

pipersmom said...

I'm keeping you and Liesl in my prayers today. A nice cozy blanket for her sounds like a great way to spoil her. Bird Brain Designs just came out with patterns for the cutiest 'doggy' quilt blocks done in red work embroidery.
sandy :-)

Patti said...

Before we fell asleep last night, Reggie and I said a prayer for Liesl. Reggie was laying on my bed and I put his front paws together and put my hands around them and told Reggie about Liesl and said a prayer out loud. Reggie usually hates anyone touching his feet, but for some reason he stayed quiet and didn't move. It was like he knew what I was saying. I fell asleep with a good feeling about your appointment today, I hope I am right.
Love the idea of making Liesl a quilt, and that fabrics is so cute! I've been purchasing fabric to make burp clothes for my first grandchild who will be born this summer and there are some very cute dog/puppy themed fleece fabrics also!