Saturday, January 3, 2009

Boxes, boxes, everywhere!

First, may I say that I am doing my happy dance today, for the nice Comcast folks set up my internet and cable today. So, I am not restricted to the few minutes that I can grab here and there on public Wi-Fi. It has been kind of interesting for the past week with no access to television and internet. Hubby and I joked that we were forced to have conversations with each other. I even read my book in the late evenings before retiring instead of watching reruns of Seinfeld, which I happen to love, and do not seem to tire of.

The book that I am reading is "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn." I have to say that it is one of the most brilliant books I have ever read. I have loved reading all of my life, and I am quite partial to the classics. Since I was without the usual electronic forms of entertainment, I opened this book up and I was so delightfully surpised by it. It is so tragic, but so beautiful.

When I am not goofing off, there are so many boxes to address. We are actually downsizing into the new place, which is fine with me, as it will be easier to clean. We still have the other house until the end of January so I am going through stuff there and throwing out, donating, or moving it to the new house. It is a bit stressful, particularly since I can only work on it on days off or after work. I will be so glad when it is done. When we moved last Saturday, we took most of the furniture, boxes that we packed and the stuff we need day to day. Everyday, I do as much as I can to unpack and I am proud to report that I was able to sit at the table to eat tonight. I got it totally cleared. Please do not ask to see my kitchen counters though. I will be glad when the move is over and we have everything in one place.

I have picked out my stitchy spot in the living room. It is in a nice corner, which gets a lot of natural light. I will be so glad when I can stitch again. I am hoping that life gets boring soon. LOL

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