Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cozy Evening At Home. Yahooooo!

What a nice evening! I got met with a puppy happy dance at the door when I got home, which is always great! DH had dinner underway and was grilling chicken and corn on the cob. It was delicious and we were able to sit down and chat about stuff other than moving. After dinner brought playing with Liesie. She is a bit like a toddler in that she will go, go, go until she drops from being tired. Then she will climb up on her sofa blankie and wait to be tucked in. So now she is sound asleep. Plus it is only 8:10 here and DH has fallen asleep in his chair in front of the television. I seem to be the only one just getting ramped up for a fun night of stitching. Whoohoo! I am a party animal. LOL

I am posting an updated photo of my WIP. She is really coming out quite lovely. I am already trying to figure out where I am going to hang the finished product in my house. Right now the colors I have been working with are rather muted so it is a little boring. I can not wait to start the fruit. I think the colors will really pop against the black.

I have been catching up on the message board at 123stitch (where I get my news!) and have been seeing what the poor folks are dealing with from the ice storm in the midwest. I feel so badly for the residents there when I see some of the negative temperatures. It has been about 38 degrees F in the morning here, no where near the sub zero temperatures in the midwest, and I feel so cold. (It warms up to mid 60's-low 70's though during the day here.) While I am quite fortunate now, I can totally empathize with our friends in the mid west. I grew up in New Jersey and I remember the cold being so brutal that my toes would alternate between hurting and being numb. My face would burn from the cold. This was also back in the days where girls could not wear pants to school, so we would wear dresses with cotton tights or knee highs. Brrrrr! I am sending good thoughts to those of you affected by the ice, snow and freezing temperatures. Stay safe and warm!

Well, I am off to pull out my stitching bag and get to work. I should be able to live it up stitching-wise until at least, oh, 9:30. I am quite the night owl. LOL

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Suzanne said...

She's beautiful! What fabric are you using?