Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oy Vey! What a day!

Hoo boy, it was a busy day. I do not even feel like I have come up for air. Combine that with the fact that I had to go finish the carpet at the old house after work. I got home at around 8 and was greeted by DH with a glass of wine and frozen pizza that was super good. I have just been sitting watching television for the past hour, not feeling the stitching vibe. I am pretty tired.

Last week, when I had to stop into Michaels on my way back from a training in the Bay Area, I solved my stitching in my car problem. I like to read or stitch in my car at lunch time. I have a big DMC stitching organizer, but needed something small to put my scissors, glasses, Thread Heaven and orts into. Michaels was having a big clearance sale, so I picked up several items for making more Chrismons at 19 cents a piece. In order to get to the register with my $1 purchase, I short cutted through scrapbooking and stumbled upon this cute little bag. It is probably no bigger than 6-8 inches long, perfect for sitting on the passenger seat and keeping me organized. I listen to my Garrison Keillor podcasts on my Ipod and lean my DMC stitching organizor on the steering wheel. It is quite lovely. Ooh, I nearly forgot to mention that it was on clearance and only $7.99. Am I lucky or what!

I am afraid that I am not going to stitch tonight. While I did stitch at lunchtime, I am really pretty pathetically tired. I am thinking I will go read my book and fall asleep with it on my chest. Liesie is already tucked in and she looks so cozy that I am feeling a bit jealous. LOL

Nitey nite to all...


Suzanne said...

I like the organizer! Can you not stitch at your desk inside, or do you just prefer to get away?

Carolyn said...

What a cool find! I just love a good sale, and it looks like you found one. Enjoy your new organizer! {{HUGS}}}