Saturday, January 24, 2009

It was a really stormy day here today. Nevertheless, we started our day with our usual walk. Before we received our little Liesie into our home, we did some research and found that the mini schnauzer is a breed where it is absolutely necessary that the dog gets at least 30-40 minutes of walking a day. We knew this and knew it was part of the commitment of taking her into our family. So rain or shine, we go for a walk. Today was raining for much of the walk, but moreover the surf was really rough. Since the undertow here is really dangerous, we decided to forego going onto the beach itself, because we have not broken it to Liesl yet that she is not a Labrador. Since she imagines that she is a big, water loving dog, she feels the need to go trotting off into the surf. I did not want to lose her to the sea, so we stayed on the beach path instead.

I am getting ready to sit down and stitch finally. We spent the day cleaning the old house, and I have to say that I am totally bushed. It is almost finished and I just have a few things to do tomorrow. Yay! Unfortunately, this did not leave me with a lot of stitching time. I will be so glad when we are officially out of the old house next week. It will be nice to focus on one place.

The new house is actually coming along quite nicely, too. The one room that really needs a lot of work is the craft room/office. But then again, it is the room that has the most stuff. It is a bit smaller than my old craft room, but is quite cozy. I will be glad to get in there and do some quilting.

Well, my Lady of the Thread is calling to me. I hope to post a new updated pic in the next few days!

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Suzanne said...

I have a dachshund who thinks he is as big as my Lab mix too. Must be a little dog complex! LOL