Thursday, January 15, 2009

Stitching again!

We are still amidst the move, but I have been able to steal a few moments here and there to stitch. Hubby was gone for two weeks back to the midwest to be with family. Since I just started a new job and we were two days into the move, I remained home. My goal during that time was to make sure that DH returned to a home that was cozy and not full of boxes and more stress for him to deal with. So I worked to unpack and rearrange furniture so that it would look like home when he arrived finally on Monday night. Liesie and I were so glad to see him!

I have been able to find a few minutes here and there to stitch. I have been working on MLI's "Lady of the Thread." I forgot how much fun it is to stitch her pieces. She does use large blocks of colors so it does go quickly.

This weekend we will be moving the last of our possessions from the old house. I am looking forward to being done over there. It's funny how once you move on in your mind, that it is hard to work on the old place. I feel badly for DH that he has to spend his first weekend back working on the house, but I think he is also eager to finish as well. There really is not that much left, so hopefully we can get it done quickly.

I am also hoping to get some stitching time in this weekend, too! I am thinking good thoughts!

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Suzanne said...

That piece is going to be so pretty! I'm looking forward to watching it develop.