Saturday, August 15, 2009

Almost Done

Well, I have finished the row of flowers, finally. I have also finished most of the touch ups, so I should be ready to do the beading tomorrow, which will not take long at all. The flowers came out beautifully. I followed that tip of swirling the stitches the blossoms so that the color variagation forms a spiral. It looks really cool. I will have to remember this for the future. I am looking forward to completing this.

I am thinking about making a floss tag next as a small project. I found my old floss ring the other day. There are so many great freebies on the freebie blog, that the hardest part will be picking out a design.

I am being really protective of Miss Liesl right now. My neighbor told me that the local paper has mentioned some attacks of racoons on dogs. Apparently we have a large population this year. My neighbor told me that she saw one in her yard just as it was getting dark, so she wanted to make sure that I knew because she knows I have Liesl. Racoons can be vicious to a dog and Liesl is smaller than most of the racoons around here. So we are going out with her when she potties after dark. Of course, the racoons are making a lot of noise, which makes her want to go out and see what is going on. While racoons are a reality in most of the local cities, it seems like this year is worse than usual.


kimstitch3 said...

huh, I feel sooo unloved. I read your blog and post on here all the time and yet I'm still not on your favorite blog buddy list.waaaaaaaah. I see how you Take care,Kimberly

Patti said...

Hi Kim!

Aw, shucks. I feel badly if I had hurt your feelings. I had your blog on my favorites list, which is usually where I put neat blogs as I find them, and I transfer them over when I get a bunch of them. I apologize if I bummed you out.

Have a happy day!