Saturday, August 1, 2009

Off to the Fair!

The finished product went off to the fair today. It was the first time in a few years that we have not been working into the late night hours the night before trying to get everything framed and ready. I only had one entry this year. I had not even planned on entering but saw that I had a day left and had finished stitching this piece. I am thrilled with how the frame and matting turned out.

With the frame that we found (after we had bought all of the molding and stuff to make a frame) turned out beautifully. We got a green craft paint and DH just sort of unevenly painted it on so it would look worn. Unfortunately, it does not fit under the kitchen cabinets as originally planned. So, we had to find another place in the kitchen for it, and I will have to do something else for under the counters. Thusly, we are at square one again.

DH and I had to run out to Costco today, forgetting that it was the first of the month. As with every first of the month, it was a madhouse. Our printer has been a bit on the blink for the past couple of weeks, so on a lark, we cruised past the printers just to look at them. Did you know that you can get an all in one printer for about $79 now. We were in shock, remembering back to how much our first dot matrix printers cost. We ended up buying a new printer, which looks like it will be dreamy to work with. On our way to go get Diet Dr. Pepper, we passed the digital cameras and I could not believe how low the prices were on those either. (No, I did not buy one!) But I remember that my first Kodak 2.1 MP was like $400. Now you can get 10mp cameras for $129. I was thinking of batting my eyelashes at DH, but figured that the printer was already causing an owie on the wallet.

Well, I have a little furgirl requesting my attention. I have to go find a squeaky ball...


Lisa said...

The framed ABC's look wonderful. You did a great job stitching it (I enjoyed following you through each step you posted)and the framing job really ties it all together.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Theresa said...

Good Luck at your Fair. At our local County Fair--it is so neat to see all the projects. Have entered a few myself also. Yours turned out GREAT!!

Suzanne said...

I love how this turned out! I hope you do well with it at the fair!