Friday, August 28, 2009

Last Weekend in August

Can you even believe it?! August flew by!

As I said in an earlier post, we are now getting into the best weather of the year here. Today at lunchtime it was 93. It was a long hot day, and I had an over the top busy day and a heat headache. We had planned on having pizza for dinner, but it was still 87 degrees when I got home from work. DH offered to take Liesie and I to our favorite dog friendly restaurant. We figured that we should walk since there are a lot of tourists in town on weekends, making parking difficult. Off we went, with Liesie bopping along. The restaurant is a nice walk, but is about a mile away. A block away from the restaurant, I could already start to imagine sipping a cold beverage. We were sweating, hot and tired. Just as we walked up to the restaurant, a big chartered bus pulled up a people started spilling out of it. It turns out our restaurant was booked for a private party. This is a rare thing indeed.

I contemplated weeping openly right then and there, but was so dehydrated from the walk, that I could not manage tears. LOL We walked a mile back home in the heat. I tried not to be a drama queen all the way home. DH went and got us some cheeseburgers and chili cheese fries. He is such a prince. I have had my attitude adjustment and feel like I can make it through my weekend now. LOL

My fingers are starting to get itchy to stitch. I think I may pull out a small Shephard's Bush kit this weekend, just to be working on something. I purchased the Sweet Pea kit when I was in Modesto. It is really adorable. Hopefully, it will not be way too hot to stitch.

Have a great weekend.


Lisa said...

What a sweet DH to rescue your attitude with burgers and fries :) Hope that you get in some stitching over the weekend (it looks like it will be another hot day here in CA).

kimstitch3 said...

this year has really flown by. With me working 2 jobs again , time really passes quickly, I'm staying soo busy. I did get some stitching done today too though. I hope you are enjoying your day,Kimberly