Friday, August 14, 2009

Okay, I Bought It...

It has been calling to me, so this afternoon I bought it. The pattern that I showed in yesterday's post will be mine. The service at is so outstanding. Within two hours of my placing the order, I received an email saying that it was shipped. That is pretty darn good customer service. I also purchased a cover for my Q-snaps. I always feel like I have to make my shipping cost count. LOL

I stitched a bit this evening and got about two thirds of that bottom row of roses completed. I hope to finish this tomorrow during the Nationwide race. Tony does not race in this league so I usually cheer for Joey Logano. After I stitch the roses and the bottom border of specialty stitches, then I will do my touch ups, iron the piece, then attach the beads and buttons. I am still thinking about that special Jill Rensel mat, but I am still considering the price. The photo on the package for the kit, has the mat, so somehow the piece will feel like it is not right without it. But the mat is over $50 (handpainted) so I really need to think on it a bit more.

If you get the opportunity to check out the Needleprint blog, you will not be disappointed. There are some truly amazing pictures of embroidered and appliqued garments that are beyond spectacular from a museum in Kobe. Needleprint is a really well done blog. The photographs and the patterns are worth drooling over.

Have a happy weekend!

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