Monday, February 1, 2010

A Cute Scissor Fob

As I was looking at one of the World's Largest Collection of Smalls blog, I came across this sweet little Valentine scissor fob. I absolutely love anything red. When paired with white, I just think it looks really crisp and vintage. This little scissor fob is just so sweet. Best of all, it is a freebie offered at Lenka's blog: Her designs are just lovely.

I got this far in only 40 minutes, so it is a really quick stitch. Now my challenge lies in which pair of scissors will get to wear it! I have several pairs of Ginghers and others that I just love. I am also thinking that it would look lovely on that black pair of scissors with the heart handles. I think they may be made by Kelmscott. So many choices...

Here is the really cool part of stitching this piece: I am using the leftover DMC red floss from my cherry alphabet. I went through my drawer of scraps for fabric. I did not have to purchase anything new, yet I will have something beautiful for basically free. Hmm, maybe that leaves funds for more scissors...
Happy stitching!

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