Friday, November 4, 2011


It is so cold here right now. We had a rainstorm last night. Tonight it is high winds and cold. My friend wanted me to go to a party this evening, but all I wanted to do was come home and get warm. My stomach bug morphed into a cold this week, so all I could think about doing was picking up a nice hot pizza on the way home, getting into my jammies, snuggling with my dog and going to bed early. I know, I lead a very glamorous life.

I am going to bed early in hopes that tomorrow I will be feeling 100% better. I have big plans of playing at home this weekend. By playing, I mean working on my house. I figure that I will be roaming the aisles of Home Depot and Target a few times this weekend. I really want to have the house in shape by the holidays.

The other thing that I want to do this weekend is cook and bake. I have gotten some really great recipes off of I totally want to make some yummy things this weekend. I think I am also in a mood to make some really yummy hot cocoa out of my collection this weekend. I also want to take some good walks with Liesl and maybe explore my neighborhood a bit more. I love it here. I am so pleased to have such wonderful and friendly neighbors.

My stitching is also calling to me. I really want to get back to my blackwork sampler so hopefully this weekend there will be some time. I miss my stitching. It is time for life to settle down a bit.

Have a great weekend.

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