Monday, November 7, 2011

One of my favorite things is coming home to dinner cooking in the crock pot.  The aroma of dinner greeting me as I put my key in the lock of the front door.  I seem to get really hungry between the front door and the crock pot.  Early this morning I threw together a recipe from  It was all I could think about all day.

Here is the recipe:

3-4 chicken half breasts
1 can black beans, drained
1 can rotel
1-2 Cups frozen corn
1 8oz package cream cheese

I cooked mine for about 10 hours on low and served it over brown rice.  I could have used a bit more spice to it and was thinking that next time I would put in a small can of green chilis or something.  However, it was excellent and was really good comfort food, perfect for the cold evenings we are experiencing.

I have a lot left over, so I am going to put it into individual servings in plastic bags for freezer meals.

It was pretty nice to have dinner made so I had more time to play with a little furgirl.

This made me really happy.


Cathy Pavlovich said...

Your recipe sounds so good! Maybe add a package of taco seasoning AND the green chilis!
Love your blog.

Cindy said...

sounds like a perfect ending to the day for you.....glad you are settling in and thank you for the recipe :D