Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Pretty Good Day!

Today was a good day.  I woke up at around 6:30 after a night of nightmares.  It was kind of crazy.  It is such a rare occurrence for me to have bad dreams.  I maybe have one a year.  Last night was weird, I would wake up from one (and get up and turn on the lights) then fall back asleep and the nightmare would continue where it left off.  I do not recall that happening to me before.  All I can figure is that I have been so overly tired this week, and I had pepperoni pizza a little too close to bedtime last night.  Lesson learned.

It was kind of nice to get up early this morning.  I had plans of running to Home Depot and taking care of some things, but I decided to be gentle with myself and take it slow and stay home today.  I started with a leisurely cup of coffee.  I got the kitchen cleaned up and straightened.  I so love that room.  I love to just touch those pretty counter tops and look out at Monterey Bay.  I puttered around the rest of the house and decided I was going to work on my office.  The office was the one room I had not gotten to yet.  It was a total wreck and packed across the whole floor with boxes.  I have all but two boxes unpacked.  Now I have things in piles.  I am still organizing what is going where and what is going to charity.  I cleared the desk and can actually sit at the desk.  I am ordering a new desk that is specifically for crafts.  It is so pretty and just what I am looking for. I am still looking for just the right day bed, too.  I am so excited about that idea.  It is nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel for getting settled.  Today is the one month anniversary of moving in,.  I forgot that it takes a lot less time to move out than to move in.  Moving in and finding the right place for everything takes a long time.

It was nice enough that I also got to do a little gardening today.  I planted my hibiscus,  Then I waged my own private war on oxalis.  It is a never ending battle with this little weed.  I also put in my little lights that line the walkway in the yard that I bought on clearance a couple of months ago at Target for $1.40 each.  Schnauzers will always notice anything new, so Liesl had to go touch her nose to each one so I knew that she was aware of the change.  

Liesl was wanting extra hugs today.  She has been very cuddly and wanting her kisses on her sweet little head.  She has stayed close today and was so happy that I found her other toy box in my office.  I was happy to give her lots of attention today and she looked like she was happy about it, too.

What is making me super happy tonight is that I have brand new jammies on.  They are polar fleece with a leopard print.  (Grrr, baby!)  I happen to totally love jammies and totally wish that the dress code at work allowed for jammies and big fuzzy socks.  I guess that look does not inspire confidence in the accountant, though.  Anyway, I do love them, and on several occasions I have been known to change right into my jammies when I come home from work.  I have also been known to wear them all day on a Saturday.  New jammies are a total treat and now I am sorry I did not buy more pairs.  

Tomorrow is the last race of the season.  Go Tony for the Championship!


Karen said...

I'm with you on the jammies and the cheers for Tony Stewart as well. Soo want him to win the championship tomorrow.


Mad about Craft said...

My daughter & I often say we wish we could go to work in our PJs