Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Posting Early Tonight

This has been a whirlwind week.  I have been working some long hours.  I have been going to work early  and not getting home before 6:30 or 7 at night.  I eat dinner, watch a couple of minutes of television and checked out  Then I am asleep between 8 and 8:30.  It is pitiful.  

I got great news earlier this week.   My son works for an airport so it was going to be iffy for having him for a holiday. (Quick Mom brag:  He is currently the Employee of the Quarter!)  I figured we would work around it, somehow, but his hours wildly fluctuate.  My BFF invited me to their big family Thanksgiving and said that if my son got off, we should both join them.  (My daughter and son in law will be going to his mom's for Thanksgiving (but I get them for Christmas. Yay!) )

Well, I got the phone call the other day that my son has the day off!!!!  I asked him what he would rather do and we decided that we are going to cook together at my house.  We figure we can take Liesl for a nice walk, maybe even to the beach if it is nice, eat great food and then relax and watch movies.  We may even go over to BFF's for pie.  Yum!  I am really happy about it and planning a menu.  Liesl loves Thanksgiving, too, and is looking forward to her very own serving of turkey and sweet potato.  She will sleep well that day.  LOL

Liesl will be so happy to have family around in the upcoming weeks.  Liesl loves my friends in general, particularly if they are also a puppy momma.  She will generally be happy to see them, but will eventually go off and do her own thing.  But she really, really loves the family.  Somehow she must just know that we are all related and all her pack.  When the family is over, she has to be in the middle of the fun.  She knows people's and dog's names and can find them if I ask her where one is.  But if I tell her that my daughter is coming over she runs straight to the window and stands on her hind legs looking for her.  She will run in circles then go back to the window, so excited.  She will cry and bark in excitement.  She will be happy to have my son to herself next week.  

Well, I have made it past 8:30 but can feel my eyelids getting heavy...

Have a good evening.

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