Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sick Day

Oy vey, was I ever sick today. I do not know if I have a stomach bug or food poisoning (I have been eating a lot of fish for the past week.) I started that weird achy feeling in my head at about 2:30 am and things kinda went downhill from there. I finally was able to walk to the kitchen about 3:30 this afternoon and am feeling kinda human. It is kind of a drag about this time of year that this kinda stuff starts up. I have been running kind of ragged lately, so I guess I was run down enough to catch a bug.

Liesl is pretty amazing how she will take care of me when I am sick. Dogs just intrinsically know to be caring and compassionate. They are just so capable of so much empathy. Liesl is a pretty good nurse and will generally lay very still beside me when I am not well. She is such a sweet little dog. I was just thinking tonight how she, like all dogs is just incapable of being mean. She is a schnauzer and can get a good cranky going when she is tired, just like her momma. Generally, though that takes the form of stubborness and intolerance of doing certain things. She is just so sweet 99.99% of the time. What is amazing and somewhat humbling is how much she trusts me to understand and take care of her. People tend to laugh, but if she has a burr in her foot, she knows to kick it and then hold it up so that I know to remove it. She does this if a stone is in the pad of her foot and she can't walk it loose. She just stops, knowing that I will take care of it. Afterwards, she will often walk on with her ears back and a happy trot to let me know she is okay again. It is pretty endearing how dogs and people take care of each other. Life is much happier with Liesl in it.

I stayed in bed pretty much all day. I did not feel like going out to the living room to watch television. Late in the afternoon, I got out my laptop just to fool around for a while. I found the most amazing website ever on the planet. It is filled with so many happy, beautiful, and inspiring things and is constantly changing and updating. It is called Pinterest and it just made me happy to look at it. Here is a link to the main pin board, just be prepared to hang around for a while on the site: http://pinterest.com/

Well, I am off to sleep the rest of this yucky bug off. Have a good evening.

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Natasha said...

I hope you kick that nasty "bug" soon. I agree, dogs are pretty amazing. Licorice, my 7 year old schanuzer/dashaund mix does the same thing, lifting her sweet little paw waiting for help. We are thankful to have such wonderful creatures in our life :)

And thank you for that link, what a cool site!!
Take Care